Serial.sys "Warning" in Event Viewer

07-10-2005, 02:09 AM

I have just reinstalled XP Home for the first time in around 6 months and I
used my XP Home with SP2 CD. I am using the S-ATA ports on my MSI 875P
motherboard and during setup, I pressed F6 to install the drivers for the
S-ATA ports.

That went ok but during XP install, (for the first time ever) I got a
message saying the the WinXP S-ATA driver had not passed the Windows logo
test and if I carried on, it might impair the installation. I had never
seen this message before during install so I clicked ok to continue and, a
few minutes later I got the same message and again clicked ok to continue.

After installation had completed, I installed my various drivers after which
I was prompted to reboot and it was then that I noticed that just as I
pressed shutdown or restart, I noticed a message with a RED CROSS in the top
left hand corner and although it was much to fast to read, I did see the
word 'initialize' in the message.

Now I'm puzzled by this because I've never gotten this message before so I
checked the Event Viewer and under "System", there was a "Warning" message
with a yellow triangle and ! mark in the middle. The "Source" was shown as
"Serial" and under "Description" is said: "Unable to create the symbolic
link for \Device\Serial1", and under "More information, the filename was
shown as "Serial.sys". Each time I clear the event viewer messages but on
the next restart, it was there again.

Can anyone shed any light on this event viewer message or the error message
at shutdown, both of which may be linked (and is there anyway I can get to
see what is as the computer shutsdwon or restarts)?

It's driving me nuts, so please help.



Serial.sys "Warning" in Event Viewer