Security Center Update Error

Richard Goh
07-10-2005, 02:07 AM
I am working on a Windows XP SP2 machine
The Security Center constantly reports that the Automatic Updates are not
turned on.
However, Using the System Properties windows, the Automatic Update feature
is turned on.

I have tried turning AU off, rebooting and then turning it on, but nothing
wants to reset the Security Center warning.

Doe anyone have a registry hack that will fix this small annoyance. (By the
way the Automatic Update does work).

Also, I have been trying to uninstall McAfee Security Center. I uninstalled
all of the other McAfee services first. But now I cannot uninstall McAfee
Security Center as it reports I must remove the other McAfee services first.
The computer came with McAfee pre-installed and the owner has lost the disks
that came with the computer. I have been able to disable McAfee, but
nothing on the McAfee site gives me a clue how to remove this last bit. I
really don't want to hunt through the registry to remove every McAfee

Thanks for any tips on this feature as well as the Security Center warning.

Security Center Update Error