LAN settings disappear

David Salmon
07-10-2005, 02:06 AM
On the client machine in my 2-PC home network, the LAN settings (automatic
detect, proxy server, bypass) are frequently and apparently randomly
disappearing. When I look under Tools/InternetOptions/Connections/LAN
settings, these boxes previously checkmarked are unchecked. Resetting them
does not help for long.

I am having a concurrent problem on this machine of inability to reach
secure sites (https). I have tried all the usual suggestions as to what to
do: cleaned out various caches, checked SSL settings, etc. I'm hoping the
solution to this is related to the solution for the problem above.

I am running XP Home sp2 on both PCs, which connect to each other through an
ethernet hub and to the net via a Direcway DW6000 satellite router. Both
PCs use the router as proxy server on the LAN.

I use Norton AV, Norton firewall, and Webroot Spy Sweeper. Disabling them
makes no difference.

Please help.


LAN settings disappear