Re: need cd to load xp pro need good back up progam

07-10-2005, 02:06 AM
it sounds like the active partition isnt pointing to the boot partiition
on the promary drive, which is why it wont boot.

you need to check the bios settings and make sure you have one drive as
the Primary Master on IDE 0 and the other drive as the secondary on IDE
1 - the cable the cd is on.

Next check using FDISK that the C: is the active partition to boot

Build a system on the c: drive

Get a copy of Ghost version 7. install it, and make a bootable cd using
the Boot Wizard.

Boot off the CD, and create an image file on the secondary drive (BACK

reboot the machine. Thats it. every now and then, clean up the PC,
(including the registry, despyware it, de hijack it, de virus it and
then make another image file over the old one. Then if it goes belly
up, us the ghost boot cd to suck the image file back onto the C drive.
Fully working system in 10 minutes!!!

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Re: need cd to load xp pro need good back up progam