Re: need cd to load xp pro need good back up progam

07-10-2005, 02:06 AM

Are you wanting an exact duplicate of your primary drive on to the second

For example: Your primary drive dies, you just pop your secondary as the
primary and it boots?
If so: The only real way to do this is Symantec Ghost or other like

I you just want to backup your files so you have them backed up, then you
can use programs like robocopy.exe and other DOS apps and script them using
Scheduled Tasks.


"incognitouser" <> wrote in message
> It is the only way it will work. If it doesn't boot either hd-cd or cd-hd
> there is a disk boot failure wantind the system disk. I want to use the
> 2nd
> drive as a backup. How would this be done ? What does it need on it? What
> is
> a good backup program?How do I go directly to the desktop when booting as
> an
> only user?
> Thank
> Elaine
> "Mark L. Ferguson" wrote:
>> Your bios is set to boot from CD
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>> Mark L. Ferguson (NOT an MS-MVP)
>> FAQ for MS Antispyware version 1.0.509
>> marfers notes for windows xp
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>> "incognitouser" <> wrote in
>> message
>> > Hi
>> > I put in a 2nd hard drive to use as a backup. I did a clean reinstall
>> > on
>> > the old drive and a new install on the new one. Now I can only get it
>> > to work
>> > when I use the cd. I have done several clean installs and have removed
>> > the
>> > second drive. I haven't done a reinstall since removing the hd.If I
>> > dont use
>> > the cd I get a disk boot error wanting the system disk. If I use the cd
>> > and
>> > don't click anything it will load xp. If I click it goes into the cd
>> > to
>> > download xp. When I'm in xp the program works. How can I stop using the
>> > cd? I
>> > have all the current updates.
>> > What is the best way to install a 2nd hd to use as a backup? What is a
>> > good
>> > backup program?
>> > I am the only one on this computer how can I go directly to the desk
>> > top
>> > when booting up and by pass the log in screen?
>> > Thanks
>> > Elaine

Re: need cd to load xp pro need good back up progam