Windows XP blue screen ra32hell.sys memory dump error

07-10-2005, 02:06 AM

This morning my computer automatically notified me
of being restarted to update itself, without cancelling possibility.
After startup I got a blue screen with
stop[xxxxxx] etc. message plus ra32hell.sys (being the bad driver?).
The system also reported physical memory dump.

At first I was able to undo this situation by entering safe mode and
make a system restore before the installation. Startup was succesful.
But now internet access and my administration program did not work.

I restarted and got the same blue screen again.

I tried the following:

renaming ra32hell.sys to ra32hell.old
system restore to yesterday
running ad-aware succesfully removing malware

still these actions did not work.

any suggestions ?????

thanks ,


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Windows XP blue screen ra32hell.sys memory dump error