RE: D Drive: Please Insert A Disk Into Drive D

07-10-2005, 02:06 AM
I wonder if you realize that making Copies of the Windows Operating System is
ILLEGAL...and posting a message on a Microsoft Board greatly increases your
chances of getting caught.....

Sounded like a Bios or driver issue to me. Either the IDE channels on the
board were zooked, or not enabled, OR you had a corrupt IDE driver.

My advice - buy an extended warranty with that Dell - Ive seen more
Dell/HP/Compaq/Sony's on my bench, than any home built PC.
Expect the Hard drive to go bad in about 13 months, and other misc. parts.

"Shondeann" wrote:

> Hi!
> I have Windows XP Home Ed. My cd-rom is Samsung SC-148C. I get the error
> message " Please Insert A Disk Into Drive D" every time I insert a cd. I've
> tried old and new cds. I still get the error. I've tried doing a system
> restore. That didn't help at all. I've tried upgrading to Win SP2. I thought
> that would fix it but it didn't. So I uninstalled SP2. I still get the same
> error. I've enabled Network Sharing. I thought I disabled IDE Controllers and
> my cd-rom. The IDE Controllers are greyed out. The CD-rom is not disabled or
> greyed out.. I've tried searching the last several days on how to fix it but
> found nothing. I've cleaned the cd-rom tray and disk with a soft cloth. This
> started occurring several months ago but I have kinda used my cd-rom
> frequently. I think it's a bad drive. My Drive is D. If I don't get it fixed
> before then in the next couple of weeks I'm going to get a new optical drive
> and my friend made me a copy of Win XP Pro so after I get my cd-rom working
> again I'm gonna upgrade to XP Pro. Get a new mouse and then try SP2 again. I
> can't wait to get my cd-rom going again. I miss it so much. I miss playing my
> games and music. I haven't even been able to install my new games that my
> best friend got me from Christmas until I get it fixed. I can't wait to try
> my new game cds out. I was hoping I could get it fixed before then but I
> doubt I can until the next 2 weeks. A couple other things that you need to
> know: In Disk Management it says Disk 0 and CD-ROM 0 and in D Properties it
> says Disk 0 and Cd-rom 0 and Used Space 0, Free Space 0 and Capacity 0 bytes.
> I think I disabled Quota on the D Drive or either it doesn't have one but I'm
> not sure. I don't see a Quota Tab or a Recording Tab. I am the Administrator.
> Thank you for your time, patience and consideration! Thank you very much for
> all who contribute to helping me get this answered if I can! Talk to ya'll
> later! Have a great day/night! Bye! :)

RE: D Drive: Please Insert A Disk Into Drive D