Splash Screen

07-10-2005, 02:06 AM
BlankThe other night, when I turned on my pc, the welcome screen came up as
usual, but it never went away. I could actually get to my email program,
but nothing else would work. My desktop didn't show at all...just the blue
Welcome screen.

Since I had been having some other problems with the pc...freezing for no
reason at all, etc., I decided to just shut down and restart in safe mode...
last known good configuration... I've never done that before, and hope I
didn't damage anything.

When the pc restarted, I couldn't believe how it looked. It's working
great, and I have colors and things that I don't remember having before.
Also sounds that I had forgotten were there at one time. One thing I had to
do, though, was reinstall Windows Media Player. It disappeared... No
problem reinstalling.

I really don't have a question, but just want to confirm that I did the
right thing and didn't damage anything.


Splash Screen