Re: dr watson
07-10-2005, 02:06 AM
I am also having the identical problem. Running Win XP Home, with SP2.
My doc watson error occurs when I open a folder in Windows Explorer, (I
use details view) and as the details are being filled in, it seems to
hang when it hits an avi file.
The error also happened in safe mode. I think I might have actually
fixed it, after trying several methods of troubleshooting, I eventually
ended up updating my vid card driver (nvidia card), I also uninstalled
an Xvid codec, and uninstalled MS antispyware, restarted the machine
and it seems to work now.
I also noted that the problem started after installing Bit
idea if it's related or not, but it started after the next restart, and
uninstalling it did not work.

Re: dr watson