Global copy from NTFSDos

07-10-2005, 02:05 AM
I need a global copy command I can run to salvage data off a malfunctioning
I recently suffered a disk boot corruption, but the data seems to be OK,
although Windows can't see it. I loaded XPHome on a spare drive and set the
malfunctioning drive as a slave.

WinXP can see the partitions in that drive but if I try to access them, a
dialog offers to format them. The partitions XP can't read don't show up in
any other Windows dialogue.

Drive Copy reports the partitions on the malfunctioning drive as FAT. But
with the WinXP dos boot diskette alone I can't see those partitions at all. I
can access them with NTFSDos, and I can copy successfully with *.* That
minimal install doesn't support a command like xcopy.

I'm not about to recurse all those directories manually, so I'm looking for
a way to copy out those files. I don't have the space for whole new
partitions with Drive Copy. I hope to put the files back when I reformat the
drive - I don't believe the problem was a failure of the drive itself.

Any help on a copy strategy is appreciated.


07-10-2005, 02:05 AM
This may be of some help;
'Active@ UNDELETE ' (


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Global copy from NTFSDos