Windows Installer and Drive A Issue

07-10-2005, 02:05 AM
I currently have 2 problems:
1. After booting up my computer, the "Windows Installer" pop-up window opens
and then closes, then subsequently opens up another pop-up window with the
title "Copy" and a message that reads "Please wait while window configures
copy". This subsequent window then attempts to do some processes that
errored out. No matter what, all my attempts to close this subsequent window
was futile. if I click cancel to close it, it closes but to reopen up again
by itself as if it's going thru an endless loop. How can I solve this

2. My second issue is with my A drive. This drive seems to be recognised
by the system becos, I could see the word "A Drive" in the windows explorer.
However, if I slot in any floppy and attempt to open A Drive, I am getting a
message "Please insert a disk into drive A". I addition, even though my
system is set to attempt to boot from Drive A, and I slot in a floppy before
re-booting, the computer doesn't attempt to re-boot from this drive by
sending me the message that "Disk in drive is not a booting disk". I do I
solve this second problem.

07-10-2005, 02:05 AM
Try another floppy drive and check the cables, sounds like a hardware


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Windows Installer and Drive A Issue