RE: Screensaver password help

07-10-2005, 02:04 AM
Is this a screensaver that you can uninstall? If so, Try uninstalling it, and
then run a program like Vcom's fixit tools to clear the registry of any
hanging references and then re-install the screensaver. Oh, I almost forgot,
you can sometimes find the screensaver file by searching for .scr files.
Likely they will be in the system 32 directory. If you go in and rename the
thing, then you can go to the screensaver tab and hopefully switch to another
screensaver and then re-install it if you can.

I had a similar problem once, when I was installing some utilities from the
intel supplied disk that came with my computer motherboard. They asked for my
login password saying it needed it to get priveleges to install. The fact is
that you don't have to give it the login or password either one, you just hit
next and it installs without issues, but if you give it your login and
password, the utility which has a bug, scrambles your REAL password, and
deletes the admin account, even the one that comes up in safe mode, and I
could not get into the machine at all. I ended up having to reformat. :-(

From what I understand, screensavers don't need to actually acccess your
login password to verify it. It sends the password to a windows routine that
just returns a value depending on if it was a match or not.

I suspect that somehow, the screensaver is not correctly doing the
comparison, or that something freaky has happened to your password, which
chockes your screensaver, but allows you to log in.

Good luck on this issue.
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"Jason" wrote:

> I have completely forgotten my screensaver password. Though I have
> deactivated the password prompt for my screensaver, I would like to know how
> to reset it so that if I do accidentally turn it on again, I won't have a
> problem. I've tried resetting the screensaver password but it prompts me for
> the old one first...arghhh!
> I've pressed the hotkeys for screensaver password protect before and had to
> basically reboot to get back in. Any suggestions, please?

RE: Screensaver password help