Possible problem with DIMMs - Please help

07-10-2005, 02:04 AM
Please can someone help me with a DIMM problem?
(Perhaps it is me that is dim)

The system:-

Jetway S447 motherboard with Pentium 1.6GHz Processor.
2 Internal HDs (160Gb & 120Gb).
Bootable XP Pro, my normal working partition.
Bootable Win98-SE, largely games for grandson!
Bootable, Changes between XP and 98, for program evaluation Etc.

Boot manager, Boot Magic.
Backup imaging, Drive Image 7, normally run from floppies.

For two or three months I have experienced unexplained shut-downs and,
very curious this, text files created with PFE under 98 sometimes
changing to gobbledegook when viewed under XP with the same program.

Conversely, folders created under XP sometimes have gobbledegook names
when viewed under 98. (Programmers File Editor is an old friend that I
have used for years and trust completely).

All else seems to be OK so I have just looked at memory.

Now for the thing about which I would really like to have some

My motherboard has three slots for DIMMS. To operate with two DIMMs
have to occupy slots 1 & 3. I have 2 x 256Mb DIMMS.

Running MemTest-86 with both DIMMs in position I had error messages
indicating localised memory failure.

Running with either DIMM in slot 1 no errors were signalled.

Running with either DIMM in slot 3 no errors were signalled.

In fact my last test with just one DIMM in position was for 3

I am hoping that this fiddling with the DIMMs will have cleared the
faults. However, since they have been intermittent I cannot be sure
some time. Also, of course, I have "Lost" 256Mb of storage.

Please, can someone offer constructive comments on the gobbledegook
fault and the indication of memory faults when two DIMMS are plugged

Thank you very much!


Possible problem with DIMMs - Please help