Custom Profiles When Heading Toward DVD

PapaJohn \(MVP\)
07-09-2005, 10:34 PM
I made two new custom profiles (one NTSC and one PAL) to render WMV files
when heading toward DVDs from Movie Maker. The links to download them are on
the Saving Movies > Custom WMV Profiles page of

Here's my thinking when developing them:

- the DV-AVI files have been recommended for the highest visual quality.
WMVs work fine in many instances, but the highest bit-rate of the profiles
provided with Movie Maker is 2.1 Mbps. I made the profiles to use four times
that bit-rate, up at the level of the MPEG-2 files on a DVD. That should
align the visual quality.

- the DV-AVI files have shown 'generational losses' that are not in the
WMVs.... it'll resolve that

- the DV-AVI files often have audio issues that need to be worked around....
it'll resolve many of those, and I set the profiles to use 'lossless audio'

What's the potential downside?

- my limited initial testing shows they need more computer memory to render
than a DV-AVI file, and more time.

- not all apps that people use to make the MPEG-2 files for their DVDs will
accept a WMV file type.... TMPGEnc does accept them, and many of the DVD
software packages do.

I've labeled them as beta versions for now, until more test results roll in
to either confirm them, or result in tweaking the settings further. If you
try one, thanks for any and all comments.... I'm hoping a better suggested
work-around for the DV-AVI issues comes from them...


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Custom Profiles When Heading Toward DVD