Auto Installation of Network Printer (Windows XP)
07-10-2005, 02:03 AM
I have a home network, and all computers are running Windows XP SP2.

On of the computers on the network repeatedly finds the printer on the
other computer, and installs it and makes it the default printer. I
can not stop this behavior. This seems to have something to do with
automatically discovering and installing networked printers. The most
bothersome part of this is that it happens ALL THE TIME, again and
again. If I simply put a CD in the drive, the auto install of the
printer fires off again. The printer being installed is an HP 1200
(not that it matters). Strangely, I have even "stopped sharing" the
printer on the computer where the printer is directly connected, yet,
the other computer still finds it and installs it.

To my knowledge both computers in question are virus and spyware free.


Auto Installation of Network Printer (Windows XP)