Faulty page size

07-10-2005, 02:02 AM
I'm running the English (International) version of Windows xp. On our firm we
have also runing dutch versions of Windows xp.

If I print to any printer and use the A4 (european) page size (210x297mm):
- in Adobe Acrobat 7: page size is 215,.. x 297,...
- in Primopdf: same page size
- when printing to our HP 2500 C (with A4 in a tray) the sent document is
not recognized as an A4 I guess and the printer asks me to (manually) load a
letter size sheet.

As this is the case for different printers I guess the reason must be more
basic than the printerdrivers, being Windows XP.

This is really annoying as I have two choices:
- ask someone to mover over each time I want to print something
- print from my own computer and manually feed each sheet

Any help much appreciated


Faulty page size