Re: Generic Host Process error

07-10-2005, 02:01 AM

This is my first time posting to this forum but I have the same problem
and have noted the following surrounding this:

The problem originally occurred when I installed some HP software for
a network printer. This could have some impact on winsock. Although
after this install the problem only occurred once on boot. Annoying,
but not enough to warrant any work J. I started having problems with
Norton so I uninstalled and reinstalled. The SVCHOST problem went away.
Norton dose screw with SVCHOST so thought this could be a clue. Updated
HP drivers problem came back. HP were not too helpful on the problem so
again ignored. Installed Logitech software and drivers for digital
camera and the problem has got a lot worse. Occurring every 20 mins or
so. This time Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is the culprit. Although
worth noting it dose run under svchost…… Although I can not find
anything of interest on the net my gut feeling is the way Norton
interacts with applications running under svchost is causing a problem.
There have been many worms and viruses that have DLLs’ that are kicked
off under SVCHOST so I can see Norton having some kind of interaction
in this area.

Sorry if this is a little lengthy and dose not give anything too

Hardware: HP notebook. 1GB Ram, all hardware running at optimum.

Software: XPSP2, Norton internet Security 2005, Itunes, Office 2003,
Logitech Webcam software, MS Anti Spyware, XIMETA NAS software. That’s
about the lot!


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Re: Generic Host Process error