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Ramesh, MS-MVP
07-10-2005, 02:01 AM

See if this helps.

Windows XP: Explorer Bar Closes When I View Pictures:

Ramesh, Microsoft MVP
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"deniz" <deniz.1otohb@> wrote in message
> Ian, yes that's correct, thankyou. I didn't realise it was a year old!
> To re-cap. I'm running an HP t530 Pavillion, with XP Home Ed. Part of
> the pre-installed software is HP Digital Imaging...Scan docs etc works
> ok. But, when I try to access Image Zone (Photo's, Projects, etc) I
> get a audible warning and a box appear, Titled: M/Soft Internet
> Explorer. stating "Cannot find
> file:///program%20files/hp/digital%20imaging/bin/loading...hp%20image%20zone.htm'....Check
> that the path or internet address is correct. When I click the OK
> button in the box, or click to turn it off a Web Page for Lycos appears
> (address: Http://gb10.hpwiscom/). I've found by trail and error if I
> de-install or do a restore, prior to Service Pack 2 being installed, it
> works Ok. Slowly and somewhat erractically but, at least it works.
> Although I'm a complete novice, would I be right in assuming for some
> reason the correct web address is being corrupted in some way?
> Thanks, Deniz
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Re: My Pictures won't open