Mark L. Ferguson
07-10-2005, 02:01 AM
Try to define what is running.

Description of Svchost.exe: Default Processes in Windows 2000:

For a list of running tasks, open a command prompt, and type:
netstat -ano
tasklist /svc
(compare the PID of the tasks)

task manager and services.msc can show you what services might be involved.


Mark L. Ferguson
FAQ for MS Antispyware version 1.0.509
marfers notes for windows xp
"Simon Whittington" <> wrote in message news:42813662$0$13769$
>I currently have an issue on a couple of XP Pro workstations. Whenever I
> make any changes to the network situation on the machines the SVCHOST
> process goes into a 100% loop. I have searched the web for a solution to
> this but have found nothing that is any help. Everyone seems to blame
> spyware or a virus for the problem but I am almost certain that it isn't.
> I continually use VPN's throughout the day and whenever I connect or
> disconnect one I have to wait about 5 minutes until the PC is useable which
> is becoming increasingly frustrating. All machines are XP SP2 and have all
> the updates installed.
> I have tried everything I can think of and am now in need of assistance so
> if anyone can help I would be forever grateful.
> Simon Whittington