Re: Troubleshooting WinXP long boot time (bootvis done in 592 seconds)

07-10-2005, 02:01 AM
Well actually its not bollox, theres some truth in it.

It all depends how much installing/uninstalling/upgrading of software
you do on the system.

If you build a machine, get it running sweet as a nut, then dont add or
remove or change ANY of the software, the machine will run fine for

On the other hand if you install/uninstall/upgrade lots of software on
it, the constant replacement of critical files will slowly cause
incompatible versions of various DLLS etc to get mixed together, and
the performance will degrade. Try it. Randomly install/uninstall a few
packages (especially large ones) a dozen times a day for a coupla
weeks, see how well your pc runs afterwards.

Various bits or windows are very sensitive to this, especially Winsock
and Windows Messaging. WHen we build pc images, we find the order you
put the siftware on is critical. For example, a few years ago, we would
put the following on in this order

Netware client

Then we changed to Office 2k, and when you put Groupwise on, it crapped
up the 'Send to' optino in Office. Why? Becuse they changed soem of the
DLL's and Groupwise hated them. The solution was to change the order,
and put Groupwise on 3rd then Office.

The solution to this whole problem is Ghost 7. Make a ghost 7 boot cd,
then make a 10 gig image partition, and when u first build the PC and
get it running ok, make a ghost image of the entire C: drive onto your
image partition. AFter that, whenever your PC craps up with something
that going to take more than 20 minutes to fix, then dont. Just reimage
it (which will take 15 minutes), and that will solve all the probs.

Ive rolled out over 5mill worth of pcs and servers in the last 10
years, and that is the standard solution. We dont fix pc's, we just
reimage them. Make sure, of course, that all your data lives on a
server or another partition, so u lose nothing in the reimage process.

You dont need to know what causes a problem, all you need to know is
whats the quickest way to fix it.

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Re: Troubleshooting WinXP long boot time (bootvis done in 592 seconds)