Re: Format Fdsik XP

Bruce Chambers
07-10-2005, 02:00 AM
S. Smolak wrote:
> I would like to reinstall XP Pro on my desktop, existing version is slow and
> old. I tried to format and fdisk from cmd but it will not let me. Any
> suggestions? thanks in advance

FDisk is an old MS-DOS utility that is neither available or needed
in WinXP. All legitimate WinXP installation CDs are bootable and have
the capability of deleting, creating, and formatting partitions.

Simply boot from the WinXP installation CD. You'll be offered the
opportunity to delete, create, and format partitions as part of the
installation process. (You may need to re-arrange the order of boot
devices in the PC's BIOS to boot from the CD.)

HOW TO Install Windows XP;en-us;316941


Bruce Chambers

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Re: Format Fdsik XP