Partition Maxtor One Touch External Hard disk

07-10-2005, 01:59 AM

I have two computers (a PC and a Mac) and a Maxtor One Touch External
Hard disk 250 GB. I would like to back up these two machines using a
single external hard disk. So I have partitioned the hard disk into
two and have NTFS and FAT32 as the file systems. The NTFS partition is
around 163 GB and the FAT32 is around 75GB. I could successfully back
up the PC into the NTFS part but have problems with the Mac.

When the hard disk is mounted on to the Mac, both the partitions
appear on the desktop. The Mac OS is 10.3 and it identifies both
partition correctly. It recognises the NTFS part as readonly and FAT32
part as "readable and writable".

But when I tried to backup for the first time there was an error
saying "insert a new disk". I tried to overwrite the contents of the
FAT32 part as I didnít need them any longer hence asked to proceed
with the backup. The Mac started erasing. I thought it was erasing the
files previously present in the FAT32 part but it continued erasing
for some time and finally erased the FAT32 file system itself. So the
icon representing the FAT32 part of the partition of the external hard
disk disappeared from the Macís desktop.

Later when I checked the partitions with Partition Magic, the FAT32
part appeared as unformatted and NTFS part was fine.

I reformatted the unformatted part to FAT32 and tried backing up
again. This time, the moment I clicked the backup button, the FAT32
file system was automatically deleted and the icon representing this
part on the Macís desktop was deleted.

I donít want to transfer any data between the PC and the Mac. I just
want to backup them seperately. These two computers are not in

Now, my questions are:
1. Where did I go wrong? Canít I backup two machines this way?

2. Does formatting FAT32 part into HFS/HFS+ help? Can HFS+ and NTFS
file systems co-exist in a single external hard disk?

3. If both of the above methods donít work, how should I back up a Mac
and a PC? Should I have to buy two seperate external hard disk for

Please help me.....


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Partition Maxtor One Touch External Hard disk