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07-10-2005, 01:57 AM
> >>>> Anyone have any suggestions for cutting the dust buildup?
> >

I'm experimenting with this and it seems most existing cases are proper
"rattlers" (poor fit of side panels etc) & colanders (extraneous holes &
slots in every concevable panel).

My first step was to cut a 120mm hole in the plastic front bezel at the
bottom front face of the case and fit a removable 120mm dust filter.
Same on an 80mm side panel. Both holes have fans fitted behind them, to
"encourage dust into the filters". That wasn't enough.

I then taped a j-cloth to cover (but not block) the 3-400 tiny
side-panel ventilation holes on the motherboard side of the case. This
can be removed & cleaned very easily. That wasn't enough.

So I put thin plastic tape over every slot/hole/grill in the case
(Note: do NOT use sellotape-like material, which gets brittle over time
- I used a tough, sticky flexible tape, much like electrical insulating
tape but stickier). I also added a 6-inch long dust "landing pad" in the
bottom of the case. It's double-sided tape just trimmed to tack on the
case, the other side has all the sticky surface exposet to trap
dust/hair & anything else that settles on it. Quite good, but something
else was letting in dust.

As I mentioned the case sides aren't airtight. I will look into that
soon but it's not a big problem.

What I found was that the open ports let in dust. (And when not cleaned
prior to use the ports can become erratic, causing error messages etc!).
So I found some USB dust caps and that's pretty much all I need to do.
Do a search on Ebay ... they're for sale in the UK now (June 2005)

HTH, Ray

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Re: PC Dust buildup