PLX 9052 based PCI to PCMCIA adaptor.

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07-10-2005, 01:57 AM

I have recently got Win XP Pro installed onto my desktop machine. I now want
to get it networked. I have a PCI<-->PCMCIA adaptor card which I plug into a
spare PCI slot.
The "found new hardware" wizard detects it, but I don't have any XP drivers
for it. I intend to install a PCMCIA cardbus wireless device into it in
ad-hoc mode to connect to my home network.

It is a PLX 9052 based card. I don't know which company made it, but it
might be addtron. It has some PCB markings of "WL11000P".

Does anyone have any ideas if this device is supported by XP Pro?

The annoying thing is that this same device installed easily in a Linux
machine (sorry for swearing).

Any help appreciated.



07-10-2005, 01:57 AM
Eumitcom Technology Inc
Really a PLX Tech PCI9052 wired to 802.11 PCMCIA card.
Accton Technology Corp. (Acquisition) Of Eumitcom Technology Inc.
' ' (
Now you can start to look for an XP driver! BTW, This card does seem to
be a favorite for Linux & BSD.
Not that that helps!


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PLX 9052 based PCI to PCMCIA adaptor.