USB Hard Drive Long

07-10-2005, 01:54 AM
I've read all of the posts I cold find on USB Hard Drive problems, but none
seem to be quite like mine.... as follows:

System, Custom Built Video system, P4, 1 Gig Memory, etc. SP Pro with All
the updates etc. USB Port for both the Wireless Mouse, and the USB Drive are
direct connect, no hubs.

Purchased a USB Hard drive, Segate Barracuda 80 Gig in a Compusa enclosure.
Installed and worked well for many months. Back up only..

Installed a USB Microsoft Wireless Mouse, all ok, till the next morning, or
maybe second morning when I started the system. It would not complete the
boot sequence and had a Delayed Write error.

Disconnected the USB Drive, and the system booted normally. Started the USB
Drive again, and system ceased responding. Disconnected drive and system
returned to normal.

Tried the USB Drive on my Laptop, same reaction.

Removed the Hard Drive from the enclosure and tried the hard drive ad D: drive
in an old PC system. Drive worked flawlessly, all data was clean. Restored
the important data to my system over the home network all was well.

Deleted all data from the Hard drive, put it back in the enclosure and checked
it again in the old system.. Worked ok.

Installed the usb unit it back on my Normal system, all was well. Ran
Checkdisk, no errors through all 5 phases.

Ran Norton System Disk Check program, no problems.

Restored data to the Drive.

This Morning system locked up on Boot up...
Same story, the USB Drive causes the system to stop responding.

My First thought was that something must be haywire, power supply maybe, in
the USB enclosure.

Thoughts , Guidance, Suggestions appreciated.


USB Hard Drive Long