Re: CD-Rom / CD-RW / DVD-Rom not reading data on CD's

07-10-2005, 01:52 AM
Try the Isobuster program. It's free and it opened up all my dead CD's.
You can get it at Hope this helps.

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07-10-2005, 01:58 AM

Thanks for that great tip (IsoBuster). This is the kind of utilities
one should keep for trouble days.

Concerning the problem of CDs or DVDs not being "seen" by Windows
Explorer, there are many formats for writing on CDs and DVDs. My
Windows XP Pro came with a version of DirectCD.exe that allowed
drag-and-drop copying onto CDs. I never had any problems because I was
always dealing with data files.

However, after installing Roxio's Easy CD Creator 5.1 AND after playing
and recording audio CDs, I noticed that Windows could no longer see my
ordinary data files CDs. After starting Roxio's "CD Copier" that is
part of the Roxio package, Windows Explorer could see the data files
again (but could no longer see audio CDs). So I figured that each
Roxio program in the Roxio package calls a different driver. Each
driver can read specific types of formats. Therefore, depending on
which type of CD you want to use, you first call the appropriate Roxio
program that can read data or music, or perhaps video too. This
technique may be primitive and is certainly inconvenient, but you'll
always see the CD's content that way (unless the CD truly has a
problem, and this is where IsoBuster may be useful as a recovery
software; also you may have 2 computers that cannot exchange data with
each other because each machine uses a different CD-writing format, so
this type of multiformat capable software is useful there again).

This is not exactly addressing nico's original problem, but it may
still help people who can no longer see what they used to see on a
particular CD.

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Re: CD-Rom / CD-RW / DVD-Rom not reading data on CD's