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07-10-2005, 12:50 AM
PCDaddy Wrote:
> 1. why were you putting it in your friend's pc?
> 2. What setup and pc does your friend have? Does he already have a hard
> drive in it?
> 3. How old is your friend's pc?
> 4. Can you give more info?
> 5. I found it easiest to get a 98 boot disk, use fdisk and delete the
> partition. Then use xp to try to repartition and reinstall. Or download
> max blast onto a cd and use that to partition the hard drive or delete
> the old. A part of ntldr gets left behind or if the hd came into an
> error and most likely you won't get xp back until it's gone.

To the reply to the above mentioned questions:
1> I placed the HDD in friend's system to copy some songs...we
generally do this but this problem hapened for first time.
2>My system is Compaq Presario (5000 Series) Celeron 600 MHz. My friend
has Assembled PC. Configuration is P4 1.3GHz, 256 MB RAM, intel i315
chipset. He has Seagate HDD 4000 RPM.
3> My friend's system is 2 year old with P4 1.3GHz (both had XP
4> The information: Recently on of my previous HDD (Quantum) 15GB got
some problem so i decided to make my Seagate HDD (that i used to use as
a backup for files) to use as a master.
But i was not able to install any OS in it. Win98Se Boot CD does not
proceed after the first option of select boot medium.
Then i gave to a vendor for repair and he said some pin problem was
there. He partitioned using Disk manager and installed Win2000. Then i
upgraded it to WinXP. And since then every thing was fine. untill i
took off my HDD to friend's System. For information. I have first time
tried making slave of my Seagate HDD to friend's Pc. Till now he used
to get it to my system, and it used to work fine.
PCQuest partition tool doesnt work and says partition table error.
FDisk doesnt work due to some sector(0), cylinder(0),atpi...(1) error.
(i guess some geometry problem)
Untill that problem of geometry is removed, i think this problem will

"A part of ntldr gets left behind or if the hd came into an error and
most likely you won't get xp back until it's gone" --- i am not clear
with this sentence.

Please feel free to ask, if further clarification is needed regarding
And thanks very much for investigations.

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Re: NTLDR not found!!!