SP2 messing with my BT?

William Stokes
07-10-2005, 01:50 AM

I have external D-Link bluetooth device (DBT-120). It worked fine with the
D-Link drivers on XP SP1. After "upgrading???" to SP2 my laptop mysteriosly
found another BT device and installed Microsoft bluetooth drivers for that.
After this the original D-Link software hasn't worked cause the device has
been hijacked by MS.

How can I get back to the state without MS BT drivers interfering? I tried
disabling the windows plug'n pray. Got the D-Link stuff installed. It didn't
work cause plug'n pray wasn't on. Great! So I turned the plug'n pray back on
restated the pc and XP installed the microsoft drivers for my device.

I REALLY would like to decide myself what drivers to use. Especially because
the MS drivers are lacking some essential features I really need.

Hope someone can help me.

SP2 messing with my BT?