Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager

Tim Wentworth
07-10-2005, 01:50 AM
It doesn't look like many people use this program, so I don't really expect
a response, but here goes.

The program has an option that says "Include runtime components when making
as USB Flash Drive autorun. This option allows the application to run on
Windows systems that do not have the required components (22MB in size)."

The USB Flash Manager requires the .net framework installed on the computer.
I assume that the "include runtime components" option stores a version of
the program and the .net framework on the flash drive (taking up 22 MB) so
that it need not be installed on the computer you're plugging into.

The problem is: although the box is checked, the runtime components are
not/will not install on the flash drive. There's no help file with the
program, and nothing on Microsoft's web site with any info. Because of
this, it makes the program much less useful, because it won't run on any
computer that doesn't have the program and .net framework installed, which
is most computers.

Any help is appreciated.

Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager