Windows XP USB device(s) detection failure(s)

07-10-2005, 12:49 AM
Case Scenario:

System upgrade - fresh clean install, from Win 98 to Win XP Pro. Installed
Win XP sp2. XP automatically detects all system hardware and applies the
appropriate drivers.

Incident/Problem - Windows does not detect the insertion of a usb '2Wire'
PNA/DSL cable. Same goes for the ethernet port. Updates from the Microsoft
site were performed via the Conexant phone/fax modem at dial up speeds. Same
goes for the ethernet port.

System specifications:
Manufacturer/Type: Gateway Desktop 733
Processor/Clock speed: Intel PIII @ 730MHZ
OS: Win XP Pro sp2
RAM: 128MB
BIOS ver: Intel Corp; EA8150.15A.0004.P02

Actions and Resolutions already applied:
(1.) Applied the resolution in the Microsoft Knowledge Base ID 314634
where a new registry key and value were created and modified/edited.
(2.) Windows Update(s) and recent hotfix(es) till date.
(3.) BIOS flash upgrade (this was not successful) as it required a fresh IBM
formated diskette for the upgrade. Every instruction in the 'read me' text
that came with the flash upgrade was adhered to, but on boot/start up from
floppy, the flash upgrade prompt does not appear and the system goes on to
the next boot squence and loads windows.
(4.) CMOS + battery reset.
(5.) Gateway Tech support were clueless*.

Any useful information, hacks, cracks or walk arounds will be greatly
appreciated, thanks
in anticipation and kindest regards.

07-10-2005, 12:50 AM
Is your floppy drive enabled? Probably unless you created the disk on a
different pc. Make sure floppy is set as first boot device in the cmos
setup. Redownload files for flash disk, make sure they aren't faulty.
Resetting the cmos is doing nothing. Also, make sure you can open the
files from the floppy, could be a faulty disk also. These are basic
ideas but can cause grief.

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Windows XP USB device(s) detection failure(s)