Re: Mem Error PC Keeps Rebooting

07-10-2005, 12:49 AM
If you're booting from a win98 drive, it can't see an NTFS partition. You'd
either have to install an OS that understands NTFS, or put your original
drive into a computer that's running XP or another OS that understands NTFS.

That winsrv error, by the way, was probably the result of having a
particular spyware program on the computer when you tried to update to SP2.

There are ways to fix your problem, but it may be more complicated than you
want to deal with. A good shop should be able to sort it out for you pretty
easily, though.

"Chris" <> wrote in message
> Thanks for the reply,
> I bought the PC from WallMart & do not have the oringal
> disk only the CD-key that is on the back of the PC, When I
> get to that password prompt I have tried typing everything
> in there & leaving it blank however it keeps telling me
> wrong password for Administrator & reboots after the 3rd
> time. I called Comaq and asked about the password being it
> is different then the one I use to login to the Admin
> account in Windows. They are telling me that there is no
> password on the machine. All I want now is to be able to
> copy what I need off of the drive or to boot up would be
> great. But like I said when I user the drive as a removable
> booting up with my 98 Box it only shows the D partion & not
> C:
>>-----Original Message-----
>> Hopefully you have a retail version of xp.You need to
> boot to xp cd,recovery,
>> press enter for password,then type:CHKDSK C: /R When its
> thru,type:
>> CHKDSK D: /p Repeat 3X for D:,after,type:EXIT Let xp
> restart.
>>"Chris" wrote:
>>> Win XP Home on a Compaq Persario setup with 2 partions as
>>> it came from the Factory C: Drive & D: Drive
>>> Windows XP Home Edition, Tried to install SP2, Did not
>>> work~ First computer was coming up with blue screen saying
>>> it was missing Winsrv, Did a repair now PC comes up with a
>>> Virtual Mem error & keeps rebooting. I did the repair 2
>>> times & still error keeps coming up. I have no way to
>>> access PC, Tried safe mode, Setup disk they come up with a
>>> Dos error. It's a Compaq Presario Desktop if that helps
>>> about a year old. I even put another drive in the PC with
>>> Win98 on it...Booted up & was able to see the XP drive
>>> however the drive is in 2 part ions & its only showing the
>>> contents of what is the D: Drive & not the C:\windows XP ~
>>> I did this so I could copy all the pictures of my kids &
>>> docs etc & re image it. I know the C:windows XP is still
>>> there because when I do the repair it let me choose it but
>>> is there any other way I can get the PC to boot up & is
>>> there any reason why I could not see the entire drive when
>>> I set it as a secondary drive.
07-10-2005, 12:49 AM
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Re: Mem Error PC Keeps Rebooting