Select target of HID Audio Controls

07-10-2005, 12:49 AM
I have two sound cards, the first one is on board, the second one is an
external sound device Hercules Muse Pocket, connected by USB. The latter one
has a volume knob which works through USB as an HID audio control.

The issue is that the knob seems to always control volume of the system's
default sound device, even if the Hercules is not default.

-> Can I anyhow change the target device for the HID audio controls ? <-

I want to playback media through an amplifier but keep system sounds on
embedded speakers. Therefore the external device cannot be system's default
and the knob is useless.

I'm posting this to Microsoft, not Hercules, because I have a feeling that
this is a limitation of Windows XP.


Select target of HID Audio Controls