Printer Settings not being recognised on XP SP2

Martin W Baker
07-09-2005, 10:30 PM
I have a new machine with Windows XP SP2 Professional - the first machine on
my network with XP professional althought I already have a 5 other machines
with XP home, Windows 2000 and W98.

There is a W2000 machine used as a print server with two old printers on it
(HP590, HP laserjet)

From all other machines on the network these printers work OK.

From the new XP SP2 machine the printers print OK but cannot be controlled.

Any attempts to change any printer settings on the XP Pro machine (either as
default settings or at time of printing) are ignored - no error message no
complaints, just continues to print as if nothing were changed - affects eg
number of copies, orientation, print quality etc

Has anybody any idea what might be the cause? Happens regardless of whether
I log in as a normal user or as Administrator.

Drivers installed were the ones that XP selected automatically.

Many thanks
Martin W Baker

Printer Settings not being recognised on XP SP2