Slow Printing - how do I reinstall drivers

07-09-2005, 10:30 PM
When I print to any of my printers, my computer can take a minute from
pressing print to actually getting to the print options (no. of copies

In this minute it slows down the whole system "thinking" and is a
general pain in the @ss.

I am on XP SP2, on an IBM thinkpad, wireless.

I would like to try and reinstall the basic print driver for the
computer (not the printer drivers, as this is on all printers I access,
so it is not the individual printer).

Can someone tell me where to learn to do this, or give me some guidance
here, thanks.


Lawrence A. Wong
07-09-2005, 10:30 PM
Are the printers connected to a shared computer? or are the on a wireless
print server? If it's a wireless print server, it may have to do with the
capabilities on your print server. Wireless G has many different speeds
ranging from 1X to 15+X of the original 802.11. If yours is a 1X, the
transfer of data will be slow.

As for getting proper drivers, be sure that the computer hooked up to the
printer has the correct drivers and windows is recongnizing them properly.

Also try disconneting the printer, uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling
them... THEN connect the printer, share it and try printing again from a
remote location.

Lawrence Wong
Troubleshooting Specialist, IT Department
All-Connect Logistical Services Inc.

Slow Printing - how do I reinstall drivers