Print jobs don't delete

Gerry G.
07-09-2005, 10:30 PM
Frequently when I delete a print job, it does not delete out of the printers
print queue. The Status in the print queue is "Deleting - Printing" but it
never deletes the print job. If I try to print another job, it is stuck
behind the deleting job and will not print. I have had this problem both when
I send a print job to a printer connected directly to my computer or when I
send a print job thru my wireless print server.

How can I clear the print queue so that I may print to it again?

Is there a way to manually delete the print file?



Lawrence A. Wong
07-09-2005, 10:30 PM
Depending on the printer, and how quickly it spools and creates/modifies job
cues, deleting a print job may take several minutes.

Some printers there is a way to change priority of the print jobs. You may
want to try and delete the print job and move it to a lower priority.

Generally waiting more than 2 minutes to delete a print job is unacceptable.
You may want to check the manufacturer's website and see if there is a more
up to date driver than the one found on the CD that came with the printer.
In addition to that, if the manufacturer offers any firmware updates for
your printer.

Lawrence Wong
Troubleshooting Specialist, IT Department
All-Connect Logistical Services Inc.

Print jobs don't delete