internet printing authentication

Tim Allen
07-09-2005, 10:30 PM
I'm having a miserable time with internet (web / http) printing in
windows XP... We're testing it for a project in kind of a lab setting,
here's what I have - my local machine is inside the corporate network
(proxy servers between myself and the internet)... my 'remote' machine
is here in the building but connects directly to the 'net via a DSL
line... Both are same build, XPsp1... Remote machine has a HP LaserJet
5 installed locally and shared (permissions are anonymous logins =
print & manage, authenticated logins = print & manage), iis is
installed as well as the printers virtual directory. (i disjoined
remote machine from the domain and changed the local group policy to
explicitly allow web printing, just in case a previous domain setting
prohibited it)

To get around the proxy's, the inet group set me up with the firewall
client (running on the local machine), and I'm running IIS on the
remote machine on port 5400

>From the local machine, I can hit port 5400 on the remote machine, and
view the printers queue, I can even pause and resume printing using the
links provided, I CAN NOT, however, connect to the printer... I can't
connect to it using the add printers wizard either...

I turned off integrated windows authentication because it won't work
through web proxy's (

With no authentication, my only option is anonymous printing (secured
by ip address restrictions)...

When I try and add with anonymous account, i receive a "configuration
error - You do not have access to the printer, please try a different
username or password."

The Internet printing feature hates me.

I'm not sure if this is weird or not, but the web browsers address bar
reads 'x.x.x.x:5400/printers...', but the page says "hp LaserJet 5 on
x.x.x.x" (there is no port listed), and its network name is
"http://x.x.x.x/printers/hplaserj/.printer" shouldn't it be
http://x.x.x.x:5400/printers/hplaserj/.printer?? I can't find any place
to change that... any ideas???

internet printing authentication