User1 and User2 in Windows XP

07-09-2005, 10:30 PM

I have the following scenario and I don't why is this happening.
I searched the internet but as of today I can't find any documentation.
Please help.

I have a fax driver that launches IE when TEST PAGE is done.
I installed the driver on User1 that has Administrator privilege.
Then I restart and login using User1 that has Administrator privilege also.
When I execute test page, IE is not launched.
But when I logon to User1 again, when I execute test page, IE is launched.

The IE settings are the same for both users.

Is this a specs on Windows XP Pro? (SP2)

Does anybody know any documents/links referring to the specs of XP about this?
Or if not in the specs, why is this happening?

Thanks in advance.


User1 and User2 in Windows XP