Re: Installed SP2, now can't add Fax Service

07-09-2005, 10:30 PM
I am having the same problem installing the Fax program as everyone else is.
I am using XP Pro w/SP2 already installed (both on one OEM CD)

I have been reading the various replies and keep reading about this "Win32
Self-Extractor" program. Where do I find this? It is not on the CD and is no
where on the computer. When I double click on fxcfgwz.dl_ and click on
Browse, where do I go from there to find the program to decompress the DLL
file. I do know my way around computers, I build custom computers as a side

The computer that I am using is one that I built. I still have my old
computer hooked up through a LAN. The old computer is a XP Home w/ SP2. I
was able to install the Fax program on that with no problem,so I have an
uncompressed version of fxcfgwz.dl_. I transfered this file to my new
computer and saved it on a local drive and tried to install the fax program
again. When I directed the install program to the location of the
uncompressed version of fxcfgwz.dl_, It would not accept it (no error
message) and kept showing the window saying to put the Win Xp cd in. Why can
I not use the uncompressed file?

I do this is a lot of information, but I am hoping someone out there can
help and it may help others who are having the same issues.

Thank You

"Hal Hostetler [MVP-S/U]" wrote:

> When the installation routine is unable to find the necessary installation
> files (even when directed to the appropriate i386 Folder) it usually means
> that the installation files are compressed. This is often the case when the
> files are pre-copied by a manufacturer on the hard drive. If you do a search
> for the files that the installation routine claims are missing (fxsapi.dll
> and fxcfgwz.dll) you won't find them, but you will find fxsapi.dl_ and
> fxcfgwz.dl_ (note than an Underscore character replaces the last letter in
> the filename). These are compressed DLL files and will need to be
> decompressed. Double click on them and you will get a prompt for the file to
> use to open them. Click on BROWSE. and select Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor,
> which is in the system folder. With any luck it will uncompress them all and
> make them visible as DLL files. The install routine still may not find these
> files. If so, then you must manually direct the installation routine to the
> i386 folder that contains these extracted files.
> "Cannot Copy File Fxscfgwz.dll" Error Message When You Try to Install
> Windows XP Fax Services
> Hal
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> > Hello fellow guru's,
> >
> > I just upgraded my winxp pro system up to SP2, now when I try to setup a
> > fax service, I get errors when trying to copy the correct files. The files
> > that it is looking for are in the correct place but it can't copy any of
> > them. I am prompted to go to the SP2 cd and locate the files but they are
> > not there. What do I do without shooting the computer with a 44 magnum?
> >
> > Dunnie
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Re: Installed SP2, now can't add Fax Service