Toshiba DP3580 Print Problems in XP Pro peer-peer network

07-09-2005, 10:29 PM
I am the IT admin of a small law firm. We have 5 computers networked via hub
and share an internet connection. We also have a Toshiba DP3580
Printer/Scanner/Copier unit attached to the hub. In order to print to this
unit I have assigned it an IP address and created a TCP/IP port for that
address on each of the office PCs. The port is setup as an LPR port and the
print Queue is assigned the name PORT1. This was the port configuraion told
to me by the toshiba tech.

I have installed the correct drivers for the Toshiba printer on each of the
office PCs.

PROBLEM: When I print a document to the Toshiba, about 95% of the document
will print ok and then the remaining part of the document will come out as
scrambled text and characters. When I choose to print another document the
new print job will start and the first several pages will be scrambled text
and characters, then the missing part of the last document I printed, and
then the new document will print.

Anyone have any suggestions.

By the way, the Printer Driver installation manual says that if the printer
is setup in a CLient/Server or Peer to Perr environment then I should install
the windows "Print Service for Unix". I am not sure what this is but I did
install it.

Toshiba DP3580 Print Problems in XP Pro peer-peer network