Can't search my Favorites folder for web (HTML) pages

Martin Healy
07-10-2005, 12:56 AM
Today I tried to search for web pages or HTML pages added to my Favorites
folder in Internet Explorer between certain dates. I clicked on Start>Search
in Windows XP, typed *.html in the filename box, I selected the specific
dates option and entered the date from 12/12/2004 to 23/12/2004 along with
selecting the last "accessed" option and then browsed to the C:\Documents and
Settings\Martin Healy\Favorites folder and clicked search. However, no files
were found in my search. I know for sure that I created or added web pages
to my Favorites folder in Internet Explorer between these dates. I even
tried selecting "created" along with "modified" instead of "accessed" in the
search criteria and I also selected HTML document in the file type box under
Advanced options. Even if I selected My Computer or Local hard drive instead
of C:\Documents and Settings\Martin Healy\Favorites path - nothing is still
found. Furthermore, if I try even a general search (i.e. omitting between
dates) using the *.htm or *.html - nothing is returned for web documents
created in my favorites folder. Other web documents located outside of the
Favorites folder are found alright but not favorite html documents. My
Favorites do exist because I checked this using IE and also by browsing or
logging on to the C:\Documents and Settings\Martin Healy\Favorites folder.
This favorites folder contains web pages and other subfolders. If I tried
browsing to C:\Documents and Settings\Martin Healy\Favorites\Microsoft in the
search find, it still wouldn't work. By the way Microsoft is a sub folder
(comprising of web pages) created in my Favorites.

I tried searching for word documents created between certain dates and it
worked fine but it doesn't work for my Favorite web documents. Even if I
search my whole hard drive for my Favorites web document using the *.html
wildcard and omitting specific dates - nothing is returned for html documents
created in my Favorites folder.

I had no problems with Windows 98 when trying to search for web pages
accessed or created in my Favorites folder between certain dates. This
search method is very important because the History feature in IE only goes
back 3 weeks. I just can't understand why it is not working as it worked in
Windows 98 and when searching for word documents in XP. Please note that my
web HTML pages do exist. The only html documents that are returned from my
searches are HTML documents located in the c:\Programs and C:\windows but
nothing for C:\Documents and Settings\Martin Healy\Favorites where all my
important favorite html pages are stored. This is most frustrating as I have
made several attempts at this stage.

Please could anybody try to help me with this matter.


Martin Healy

Can't search my Favorites folder for web (HTML) pages