Re: Firefox

07-10-2005, 12:55 AM
Brian wrote:
> When I click on a link in Outlook Express, MS IE is used automatically to
> open the link. Can this default be changed so that Firefox is used to open
> the link?
> Brian

Here is the answer for you from Juno's website. It is below.

In Juno 5.0, can I use my own browser instead of Juno's Web browser?

If you prefer, you can surf the Web with another browser instead of
Juno's Web browser in the Web screen. After you connect to the Web
through Juno, just open your other browser. This browser will use your
Juno connection. You can also specify which browser Juno should use when
you click links in messages or in ads.

To set the browser that opens links:

1. Go to the Options menu and select Web Preferences.
2. The Juno Web Preferences screen will appear. Under Web Browser
Settings, select the Open links in messages with Juno's Web browser
check box to use Juno's Web browser. To use the browser you have set as
your default browser, clear this check box.
3. Click OK.

Re: Firefox