Re: Norton Antivirus 2005 on Windows XP Home

07-10-2005, 12:42 AM
Whenever there is any such problems, the best course of action is to follow these steps:

1) clean install the operating system using original CD
2) Install antivirus program
3) upgrade/update the virus definition files using liveupdate
4) install your other programs
5) Now create another limited user account for everyday use

If your new PC came without the original CD, then you will need to reset your system to factory standard (using recovery CD) before going to step 2.

I find Symantec very good and I have not had any infections for nearly 12 years. I don't, however, visit any porn sites or sites which supply FREE software. Also, I never install any trial software even if it is from Microsoft!! As far as your emails are concerned, always read them in plain ASCII text and then if you are interested in pictures in the email from your known/safe contacts, you can switch over and read them in html.

Hope this proves useful.

oldstrings wrote:
> Went to install this program, and had this happen:
> I registered it with the supplied key, did the pre-install scan, no problem.
> I was prompted for a location, I accepted the default, and pressed OK.
> Immediately, got a message "Cannot install, press OK to quit the
> installation" And that's it, no reason, nothing. I read the User's Guide,
> recommended I uninstall Zone Alarm, which I did. Got the same response.
> Any ideas?

Re: Norton Antivirus 2005 on Windows XP Home