XP startup problem!

Stefan Roloux
07-10-2005, 12:42 AM

I have an annoying problem. That is that Ypops (a program that allows to
view yahoomail in Outlook Express) doesn't start up every time I boot my PC.
Sometimes it does start and sometimes it doesn't. I have checked if my Ypops
had a link in the startup folder and it did. I even changed to another
startup folder but nothing helped. Sometimes it starts up and sometimes it

I have Windows XP SP2 pro on my laptop and I'm running Norton IS as firewall
and Norton AV as antivirus. I disabled some services in the MSconfig window
to speed up the boot and that worked but it didn't resolve my startup problem
i had with Ypops.

Another program which should startup along with XP is going weird too
sometimes...It is listed as a process but is not in my systray and it should
be there too. That program is called hotmailpopper.

I think some service of windows is making things difficult at startup, but
i'm not sure which one.

Anyone knows a solution to my problem?

XP startup problem!