Minimized Prog Won't Show/Mouse Freeze/

Chad Harris
07-10-2005, 12:42 AM
I'm on a frequently Perfect Disk defraged and recently SFC X2'd; thoroughly
spyware scanned reg NAV 2005 scanned *XP SP2 box* with a GB of good RAM.
It is up to date with MSFT SP2's updates and those for every MOS 03 program.
Allofasudden, I've been getting two annoyances.

IE's entry iexplorer.exe will go up in CPU from avg 30,000 with 27 windows
open to up to 200, 000.
CCApp climbs with it (Norton's) auto protect/email script checking and auto
protect is esssential for NAV.


In addition, when I try to click my minimized programs on the task bar, I
get a homogeneous blank, and the mouse freezes and I have to hit the Windows
key to stop this or ctrl+alt+delete. I've tried reregistering key .dlls and
SFC with no change. At the time CPU use is minimal when it happens although
over hours of browsing iexplore.exe will climb in CPU use dispropportionate
to IE browser windows open, explorer folders or apps running.

I also have gotten a right click freeze on ocassion now and I'm trying to
ferret out a fix for *that* from Ramesh's excellent MVP site:

Tia much,

Chad Harris

Minimized Prog Won't Show/Mouse Freeze/