Re: Very slow startup Widows xp

07-10-2005, 12:42 AM
> Quasarwrote:
Hello, my computer has a serious problem at startup. It takes about
> half an hour for the computer to get to the logon screen. Nothing
> seems to be happening in between, no harddisk activity at all or so
> seems. But still it takes more than half an hour. when it has
> up, it all works fine, no error messages whatsoever. Been trying to

> figure out why. I think i know "when" it started. AFter installing a

> webcam and drivers and a sudden system shutdown. After that i
> deinstalled all webcam software but that didnt seem to matter. Ever

> since then the computer hangs for half an hour.
> Been trying to analyse the bootlog with bootlog analyser but that is

> only gibberish to me. Sure most entries state that it took them 2700

> seconds to start but the log doesnt give me a clue where to begin.
> im at my witts end, and about to format c: and reinstalling windows
> alltogether. Yet another weekend down the drain so if anyone has any

> suggestion? PLEASE be my guest!
> btw tried msconfig options already, doesnt matter if i start up in
> mode, same delay.
> thanks alot
> windows xp
> p4, 512 mb, nvidia

You might check your system bios setting!!!!!

Re: Very slow startup Widows xp