Re: Retrieve from old office bar

Howard Brazee
07-10-2005, 12:40 AM
On 18-May-2005, "Don MI <>" <> wrote:

> When the Quick Launch Toolbar is on the side or top of your display, right
> click on the toolbar and select Always on Top, Auto-Hide or both {as I do}.

I have a computer that didn't have the Office bar, but after trying this on my
computers with Office, I thought it would be good to try it with that computer.
It has two monitors, so I put the bar on the left. The monitor on the right
flips between that computer and another one with a button on the monitor.

This appeared to work except with a couple of programs. Some programs don't
handle double monitors correctly. This program (the one I'm using at this
moment, News Rover), was set up to run in the right monitor. With this Quick
Launch Bar on the left, News Rover set up correctly, but when I reached the
window that I write messages in, that window was flipped to the other monitor.
When I pulled it down to the task bar, News Rover worked correctly.

Weird. But as I said, other programs don't understand the way Windows works
with multiple monitors.

Re: Retrieve from old office bar