Re: Long Ghosting Time

07-09-2005, 10:26 PM
We did so by doing following:

* After you're ready for cloning commit the data from the overlay to the
protected volume and reboot
* Disable EWF and reboot again
* Delete the overlay partiton
* In the registry locate the key HKLM\CurrentControlSet001\Control\Windows
Embedded\FBA\4293... (there is only one that starts with 4293) and change the
value "FBAWasHere" to 0 (zero) -> instructs FBA to re-create the
* Run FBRESEAL and clone your image before Windows restarts
* After you made your ghost-image let windows start again, when FBA has done
it's job and windows has started you'll see that the overlay partition was
created again

Good luck.
MR XPeApplicator@BE

"Rob White" wrote:

> Yes it's the EWF Partition, running some steps post clone is not an issue,
> there's a test app script that checks for things like the FTP service running
> and does some other bits, so i could build the ewf stuff into that. What are
> the steps that I'd need to do? How complex are these steps? Could you give me
> some pointers?
> Thanks for your help,
> Rob

Re: Long Ghosting Time