Troubleshooting offline files / shared drive issue.

07-10-2005, 12:32 AM
Hi all,

I have a user right now who has 4 drives mapped to a single Windows 2003
file cluster. Only 1 of those drives is set for offline files and to
synchronize at log off. Whenever the user goes in to one of the other shared
spaces and accesses a folder of pictures, then tries to use the filmstrip
view to orient the pictures clockwise or counter-clockwise, the window is
closed, all connections closed, and the icon pops up in the systray saying
that the user is working offline. Usually not a huge deal, all you have to
do is reconnect, but the drive that is offline is not the one that the user
had just been working in, but yet when that drive went offline, it took the
others with it. Upon reconnecting the drive, and doing the same behavior, it
will do it again. Otherwise, the user is fine to work in the shared

A few things I tried were to clear out the CSC directory in Windows and
force it to create a new one (thought perhaps the cache had gotten too big
(around 6 gb)), I also deleted the shimgvc.dll entry under hkcr hoping it was
just an issue with the picture tools (re-registered it with regserv32).

Any one have any thoughts?


Troubleshooting offline files / shared drive issue.