Re: XP Key Authentication disabled Office 2003

Kevin Brunt (Fat B@stard)!!
07-10-2005, 12:29 AM

All M$ products require activation as far as I am aware so which substitute products are you using? I have used WordPerfect Office 12 and it is a complete NO NO!! I will never use open source products because if you pay peanuts you get monkeys!!!

So the only way out is to continue using Uncle bill's products and if you think they are expensive, then try piracy. I do it all the time. My University buys licenses for few machines but I install them on about 1200 PCs and laptops - not to mention that I supply free CDs to students who needs them!! In the long term, M$ products works out cheaper than competitors'.

I strongly advocate piracy wherever possible to minimise your outgoings. Michael Stevens (MVP - Most Valuable Pirate) has got a link to extract serial numbers from public systems to reinstall software on any systems.

Hope you will continue supporting piracy to unseat Uncle Bill from top position.

Students call me FAT B@stard because of my no nonsense approach to life and death.


Mark wrote:

> This is why I am starting not to buy software products that uses
> product activation methods. These anti-piracy methods can turn in to
> anti-software.
> "Alias" <> wrote in message
> news:etwd329UFHA.3312@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl...Makes you feel
> like MS is ripping you off, doesn't it? Highway robbery come
> to mind?
> Alias
> "Mark" <> wrote
> Yesterday I downloaded this update from Microsoft's Download
> Center:
> http://
> where I had go through authenticating my XP Pro SP2
> version. The file
> downloaded without any problem.
> However, after doing the XP key authentication, this
> processed disabled the
> product activation for Office 2003 that had been running
> fine in XP Pro SP2.
> When Office 2003 prompts me to activate, it only provides
> the telephone
> option. I contacted Microsoft at the 888 number, provided
> them the key
> present in the window, and they told me that I need to buy a
> new Office 2003
> license with no reason provided why I need to buy a new
> Office 2003 license.
> My Office 2003 license worked fine in XP Pro SP2 until I had
> to authenticate
> my XP key.
> Any ideas on how to re-activate Office 2003? I need to work
> on some
> documents (Word, Excel) that I have been creating.
> This is a retailed purchased Office 2003 Standard version.

Re: XP Key Authentication disabled Office 2003