access to scanner being locked

07-10-2005, 12:29 AM
some time I posted a question regarding the above problem and received one
reply via email .. it took me a while .. the legacy box was already checked
and I still have the problem ... sometimes the scanner is accessed but most
of the time the error saying the device is being used by another program is
what I get ..

any help is appreicated..

Go to start/run, and type: devmgmt.msc

Look for a conflict on the port for the scanner, (and perhaps a printer) on
an LPT port.


click the + sign next to Ports(COM & LPT). select the printer port, e.g. ECP
Printer Port (LPT1). Port Settings tab check the
'Enable legacy Plug and Play detection'


Mark L. Ferguson (NOT an MS-MVP)
FAQ for MS Antispyware version 1.0.509
marfers notes for windows xp
"Leo" <> wrote in message
> have dell dimension 4400 - 1.7ghz / pent 4 operating with XP home (SP1&2) -
> with it a microtek 6800 scan master
> since installing sp1, have had a problem getting the Scanmaster software.
> sometimes (rarely) it conects to the scanner most times I get either it can't
> find the scanner at all or that the scanner is being used by another apps.
> Microtek is impossible re warrantied software and despite its a good products
> will never buy another product from them.
> no matter the response from Scanmast, I've been able to acces the scanner
> via XP's scan wizard. sometimes in the past I've been able to go into task
> manager and by process of random elimination, managed to get whatever in XP
> was holding the program to let go and then the Scanmaster programs works ..
> and works fine.
> until I can find out a way to solve the over all problem and/or buy a newer
> pc.... can anybody tell me what are the app kernels that I can eliminate in
> task manager so the Scanmaster program will use the scanner ...
> I'm in a more immediate need for this scanner and don't have the time to
> experiment (I should have documented my previous "succes")
> thanks in advance for any help

access to scanner being locked